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WOW Classic Gold, Buy WOW Classic Gold, Classic WOW Gold

WOW Classic Gold, Buy WOW Classic Gold, Classic WOW Gold

World of Warcraft movie shines on Sylvanas

The opening of the film is that the jailer ordered Sylvanas to turn the captive Anduin to the dark side while reshaping Varian Wrynn's weapon Sarah Mayne.

Sylvanas approached Anduin and gave him a choice: willing to join the bad guy's cause, or forced to join. Pointing out that this is not a choice at all, Anduin realizes that "this is a choice you have never had."

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Anduin said: "Despite all of your grand designs, there are still some hidden dangers of death that bother you, as if the Banshee Queen has not completely surpassed the Ranger General."

Then: "Now, I understand why you brought me here. Why did you try so hard to convince me. Because if you can let me let go of hope, you can eventually."

Sylvanas reflected the famous Arthas in Warcraft, waving Frostmourne, and pointed his sword at Anduin. But she was shaking. She said: "I haven't faltered yet. Then why are you hesitant?" Anduin replied. "It's up to you, Sylvanas Windrunner."

That's where the movie ends. Will Sylvanas be on the path of redemption? Or will she force Anduin? What happened next is a hot topic in the Cheap WOW Classic Gold current World of Warcraft community. Regarding the storyline and character development of Sylvanas, the developer Blizzard's decision has been questioned for some time.

Recall the story of 2018, when Sylvanas in "World of Warcraft" was in rampant genocide, causing the Classic WOW Gold tribe to split. Some fans were shocked that Blizzard was turning another tribal leader into the big badass of Warcraft. Later, we talked to Blizzard about the master plan of the character, and creative director Alex Afrasiabi told us: "Sylvanas' story has a lot to be told."

Two years later, we still don't know what Sylvanas' endgame is. The land of shadows began, and players chased her from the veil into the afterlife. Sylvanas has many war crimes.

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