What Are The Common Faults In Watches And How They Are Solved - Wholesale Watch Supplier

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What Are The Common Faults In Watches And How They Are Solved - Wholesale Watch Supplier

There are a number of common breakdowns in watches, especially automatic ones, which usually occur in the long term. Correct maintenance usually helps, in most cases, to prevent their appearance, however, sometimes it is inevitable that they occur, harmfully influencing the correct functioning of the mechanism.

On this occasion we are going to analyze what are the common breakdowns in watches and how we can correct them.

What are the common failures in watches

Below, and based on our experience as watchmaking experts, we analyze what, in our opinion, are the most common breakdowns in watches.

Spiral problems

The spiral, that is, the balance spring, may have suffered some damage, or part of its path has been stuck to itself. This can be caused by dirt that has reached the mechanism, or by bringing the piece close to a source of magnetism.

Another very common problem with the spiral is that it loses its position and mounts on itself, in this case the cause is usually a blow, which displaces the spring.

Poor oil maintenance

The friction of the parts that make up a mechanical movement causes various damages to a watch, the oils help to optimize the movement. The shortage of lubricant, or the oil in poor condition causes the parts to wear out, generating problems with the movement.

In the most extreme cases, it will not be enough to re-lubricate the movement, but several parts will have to be changed.

Detachment/wear of parts

When we analyze the mechanism of a watch, it is essential to evaluate the general condition of the parts. Wear makes the movement slower, or even stop in perpetuity, so when we evaluate the state of a movement it is essential to check each piece.

Sometimes the pieces are in good condition, but, for some reason, they have moved, in these cases it is necessary to act with great precision to reposition it.

Entry of dirt into the movement

Many of the common breakdowns in watches occur because dirt reaches the mechanism. A very small amount of dust is enough to affect the proper functioning of a watch, due to its delicacy.

An internal cleanliness ensures that the movement of a watch is optimal. In this sense, it is necessary to be careful with the crown, it is the part through which most dirt accesses the internal mechanism of a watch.

Problems caused by rust

It is not uncommon for the cause of a running deficiency to be rust. Sometimes moisture penetrates to the inside of a mechanism, damaging part of the machinery due to the appearance of rust.

Rust can also be one of the causes of poor performance.

Bumps and breaks

It is also very common for one of the pieces to be damaged due to a blow. The pivots or the teeth are very delicate areas of the machinery, a blow to the outside can cause any of these parts to suffer damage that needs to be repaired.


Magnetic forces have a very harmful influence on the mechanism. Nowadays, there are many magnetic fields to which we are exposed, this can cause the mechanism to come forward.

The solution is simple, it is necessary to subject the mechanism to a demagnetization process with special machinery.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Common Watch Breakdowns

To avoid these breakdowns, it is necessary to follow a maintenance process that protects both the mechanism and the exterior.

Here are some maintenance tips for mechanical watches

    • A simple cleaning with a toothbrush and soapy water prevents dirt from accumulating, penetrating into the interior of the watch.
    • Avoid exposing yourself to strong magnetic fields.
    • Continuous exposure to salt water can corrode part of the mechanism, it is recommended to rinse the watch with fresh water if we immerse ourselves in salt water.
    • Always avoid contact with chemicals.
    • The tightness loses properties little by little, so it is advisable to evaluate the tightness of a watch periodically.
    • Shocks are one of the most common causes of breakdown. Avoid hitting any of the clock zones.
    • Avoid extreme temperature changes and excessively cold temperatures.
    • Always make sure the crown is in the neutral or closed position.
    • If you have push buttons, it is recommended not to use them underwater, as this could cause water to reach the mechanism.

Faults in quartz watches with batteries

Quartz watches tend to have very different breakdowns than those that occur in automatic watches. The bad battery is usually the main reason why the mechanism of quartz watches is damaged, this is what you must do to keep your watch in perfect condition.

      • Never use a battery indefinitely. Even if it continues to work, it is essential to change them regularly. In fact, if you are not going to use a battery watch for a while, it is preferable that the battery be removed.The maximum recommended time to use a battery is 24 months.
      • Uses silver oxide batteries to ensure this part does not damage the mechanism.
        Never leave a quartz watch over a heat source, it can cause the battery casing to crack, releasing the internal gel of the battery.
      • Never recycle batteries from other watches, always use new batteries.
      • Make sure that the size of the battery fits perfectly into the internal space of the clock prepared for installation.

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