That is kinda brilliant actually

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That is kinda brilliant actually

That is kinda brilliant actually. I'm pretty decent at showdowns, having the ability to always grind stage 2 ones and having beaten each ofMLB The Show 21 Stubs the inning ones, but I really struggle with all the divisional ones. I totally hate how I lose my entire run if I fuck up a miniboss that's absolutely harder than the last boss.

There are some pretty neat ideas here but SDS has been producing improvements. 1st inning showdown was very ambitious. I haven't really even tried any of the division ones since MTO is easy enough, enjoyable for me, and will get pretty much all of point 1 finish on veteran. 2nd inning was not too bad. IMO that the 3rd inning and League showdowns are rather simple so if you're struggling to win attempt one of these.

To me personally NL is by far the one I've had the easiest experience with. I believe the problem stays on Veteran the whole time. It benefits from using two mini bosses which have rating 3 runs begin with guy on 2nd. I usually can get at least 8/12 so that I always have a full team of golds and in most 9 runs having to score.

I draft players that are great versus rhp, only one starter and one reliever with higher k/9. After the draft consider the team for final showdown and visit TA to see which future star you'll face and continue drafting players that kill the hand. Example draft vs rhp then get Col. Rollison who is a lhp, now start to draft more guys that do well vs lhp. Most of the NL bosses are fairly hittable.

The NL one is super easy, especially compared toStubs mlb the show 21 the AL.. I spent the previous week grinding the NL showdown over and over and only lost a few times. Yesterday I finished up NL stage 2 affinities and switched into the AL...fuck it is hard.