This is the abilities side of this

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This is the abilities side of this

Captains could pay to build their ships, (about 4 mil?) Full with 10 entire cannons. It appears really expensive to me, but these cannons dont have toRS gold cost 750k. Their ordinary, possibly just 80k to me. Build slots for cannons and expand on your ship's power. All types of cannons. Fair enough. Overall I think it's a wonderful idea. Pick the kind of boat, pick the build, pick the arnament and everything.

Ok, so I was thinking logically to get a new ability to put into rs that could associate skills, AND combat collectively, so that skillers may stop being known as wimps and"I COULD PWN U LOLZ!" (not on the crazy ). So, heres how it could ALL link together. It took me a little bit to make this more thought out. The new skill is... TRANSFORMATION! Listen, ill try and elaborate this, and dont say it couldnt be used for the two, since you gota browse the rest in order for it to make sense. Ok, its somewhat like what summoning would be like I think. Just a little bit of mage will be like it too I guess. OK! Heres the idea.

You start by getting something sort of like a rune (dont have a title for it so ill call it the balance rune). You get an whole book, such as the mage publication. THIS is where it turns out to both sides. It will also take the side of prayer. What it's (like prayer) has exactly the exact same thing where everything runs out and stuff(ill describe how you recharge it afterwards ).

This is the abilities side of this. Lets say that you're just starting it from square 1. The one thing you can utilize is that the spell known as: (something like seagull I guess) You change into a seagull! You finally have the capacity (for approximately 5 minutes ) tobuy OSRS gold fly throughout areas you normally couldnt reach. EXCLUDES areas which do not have any way off in the event that you run from transform. Anyways, this is where it really begins to assist abilities. Lets say you've got the charm, giant. You click on it and it moves into a subcategory for 2 skills. Battle, or skill. Now ti goes into two more subcategories. Lets use woodcutting!

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