Popular Movies Series on WeTV

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In addition to Chinese content on Wetv, there are also popular Thai dramas and Korean dramas

Popular Movies Series on WeTV

WeTV is a provider of streaming media (such as Netflix or VIU) from China, which suitable for many Chinese drama fans. It combines entertainment content such as movies, TV series, variety shows, exclusive videos, etc., which is very popular in China with copyright and subtitles. In addition to Chinese content, there are also popular Thai dramas and Korean dramas.

The membership system applies to free and WeTV VIP Subscription. Anyone as a VIP will be special and can watch before anyone completes the entire episode without having to wait for updates every week. In China, you can watch some stories at the same time.

Examples of interesting things

Love Advanced Customization/Love Designer

The Untamed

Since The Untamed began airing, the show has achieved over nine billion streams worldwide, making it one of the most successful BL productions ever. It shot all the actors involved to the worldwide stage, especially the two lead actors Wang Yibo Xiao Zhan.

My husband in law

Thai dramas are equally famous. This rating is surpassed in China.

Bad Genius The Series

The new TV series launched by GDH will premiere on WeTV. "Bad Genius" is a film with a high reputation throughout Asia, and on the first day it was released, it had a box office of 150 million baht in China.

Some stories can only be viewed by VIP members. Therefore, buy WeTV VIP Top Up service may be the most recent choice for some users who like to watch wetv videos.

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