RS3 has robots but copes with them quicker

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RS3 has robots but copes with them quicker

OSRS will always fixate on their having a higher online player count as proof they are more popular, but RS3 side will always increase when you look at the number of bots you can find on any given world as proof OSRS has less real players and their higher internet count is the result of such as 75 percent being robots. RS3 is considerably quest locked so nearly all the playerbase doesn't hang out that botters utilize, out ofRuneScape gold sight out of mind. Personally, I have not seen a bot in months. Botting is a problem in RS3 but not to the extent it is on OSRS.

RS3 has robots but copes with them quicker. Although they return after the prohibit waves but lately a botfarms appear to have vanished. This can cause and impact of the bots; more players, more active black economy, more illicit actors and bigger team allocated to the evolution signifies more exploits than you would expect are getting through. Each of these issues has a silver lining or factor that people put up with.

More players experience and enjoyable activities likes minigames and Pking are played. More active black economy = bonds prices higher, better for Jagex and keeps MTX away. Mor illegal actors means also more whistle blowers, occasionally big issues become exposed to the community in ways just like you've undergone on YT and whatnot. Smaller dev team means we receive a more personal touch and communicating appears to flow far better.

Possibly belief, but offline OSRS will be amazing

OfflineScape has a lot of possible advantages and may potentially benefit the live match in the long term. Since its creation, RuneScape has always been about connecting with individuals in a gameplay atmosphere and playing with friends. That's wonderful and should never go away. HOWEVER. Think about playing with Skyrim and just how much pleasure it was to do whatever you desired. Spawn in things? Yeah, sure. Noclip your way through a dungeon? I thought you'd never ask. It let you just have fun in the way you saw fit. Now, back to OSRS. A offline mode would allow you to do anything you wanted with your account without fear of a) impacting other people's gameplay and b) with any rules you might be punished for breaking. This mode wouldn't provide any"cheats", but it would be offline and there is nothing stopping you from auto-clicking your way to 99 magic if that is the way you want to savor RuneScape.

I believe something similar to this should be the final thing Jagex does if OSRS close. They would need to employ some AI for Minigames such as B.A, and AI Pkers for its wilderness, along with a dynamic Grand Exchange. I would gladly pay AAA game cost for a offline version of OSRS. 100%. Hell, it would be rather fun to have it and also have Steam achievements. I sent Ash a link to this article to get his view on it and I'll put his answer here if/when he answers, just to satisfy curiosity. I think we all can concur that this is a must to perform if OSRS'dies'. (Let's hope it never comes to this ).But if it will, I'm withbuy OSRS gold you and would happily pay for an offline version in order that it will permanently become immortalised.

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