Fix indexing issue in office 365

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When we try to search files in office 365 or system then it's not working due to non-indexing. We can resolve it by starting indexing option.

Fix indexing issue in office 365

Microsoft Outlookprovides a search option that helps us to find email items based on keywords. We can further add filters to our Outlook search function to locate specific email items much more quickly. In MS outlook, Sometimes we get surprised when we find something went wrong and our search couldnt be completed. We encounter problems with the Outlook search function such as Outlook search does not find any matches, or no result found. This issue also occurs in our system filesoffice 365, any version of Microsoft Outlook.

When Outlook search is not working in MS outlook, then we are facing the below issues

  • Outlook search option fails to show any search results
  • Outlook search option properly not showing all results
  • Outlook search option not showing recent emails or cannot find older emails
  • Outlook search option does not find any matches
  • Outlook search tab not working, turns grey

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