I don't if Madden NFL 21 will be good or not

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I don't if Madden NFL 21 will be good or not

People today play with Mut 21 coins and gamespot and ign give it 8.1 and 7 since actually madden NFL 20 does not really deserve this score because I would just give Madden NFL 20 a 1.5 out of 10 because Madden NFL 19 is a 1.0 out of ten,madden NFL 18 0.0 out of 10,I'm sorry to over think that Madden NFL is not that of a simulation soccer experience because all Madden NFL 20 is really dumb placing like superstar x factors and touchdown parties really theese dumb features are not soccer because I liked Madden NFL 10 better because it feature the extra point because madden NFL 20 does not even come close to struggle for the fumble on madden NFL 10 level,but they state Madden 08 had the stupid weapons feature that doesn't even go together with football.

This damn soccer game become a dumb celebration party because this is stupid features in madden NFL 20 and microtransactions really are the worst because I don't if Madden NFL 21 will be good or not because the search motor must go before Madden NFL should overhaul gameplay and I am tired of button smashing and using skill adhere because Madden NFL 17,18,19 and 20 have no fucking strategy whatsoever which is not any tactical degree of garbage bags where Madden NFL 20 is going since the frostbite engine doesn't belong in sports games because the connected franchise is dead since madden NFL 09 did alot better using the adapted difficulty then what Madden NFL 20 is now.

I expect Madden NFL 21 has more strategy into scouting college football players since Ben Roethlisberger is at Madden NFL 21 I'm putting him on commerce block if madden NFL 21 comes out.Madden NFL 21 might find a new engine because I am tired of match smashing gameplay significance Madden NFL 21 possibly should visit pure analog rod passing like backbreaker,madden NFL 21 needs to read and react because that feature has not been around,ben Roethlisberger might have to go on commerce block since he is becoming worst.

I wouldn't even dare to purchase Madden NFL 21,in the event the cover athlete is a dead individual which sean taylor which is not appropriate to get madden NFL 21 after watching demonic movies because that exact unacceptable for madden NFL 21 cover because I wouldn't even buy madden NFL 21 if there's a dead person the pay since I wouldn't like it at all since I am done with madden NFL's bullshit since ea sports is unsuitable with all the madden NFL seres because they had been voted the worst company in 2012 and 2013,I am going to speed Madden NFL 20 1 star out of 10 stars and that's review score.

No, you are merely stating a clearly asinine one in that along with an opinion. What"reality" are you trying to get across here as there isn't one in your post, other than EA being voted a shitty company, merely opinions? Placing a dead person on the cover is a financially sound move by EA since it usually means at least that tiny sum of the price you purchase Madden 21 coins is not squandered on royalties.