RuneScape has been doing more and more creature updates lately

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RuneScape has been doing more and more creature updates lately

The Hotspots: There are 2 types of hotspots, a dock hotpspot, which can be required to even enter the space Old School RS Gold, and fishing hotspots, 4 each room. Imagine the room, with the docks as a cross through the room, well in every corner of the middle of the docks is a hotspot.

Basic Dock: 55 Construction, 20 Planks, 20 Nails. Teak Dock: 60 Structure, 20 Teak Planks. Stone Bridge-Dock: 65 Structure, 10 Limstone Bricks. Gilded Dock: 70 Structure, 20 Mahogany Planks, 5 Gold Leaf. Marble Bridge-Dock: 75 Structure, 10 Marble Bricks.

Opulent Bridge-Dock: 80 Structure, 20 Mahogany Planks, 10 Gold Leaf, 5 Marble Bricks. Regal Docks: 90 Structure, 4 Magic Stones, 1 Tinderbox, 11 Marble Bricks, 10 Gold Leaf(Imagine the imperial dock for a moment here... beautiful gold and marble docks... marble torches in the entrances, magical archways in the ends of the pathways that open to the center, a gorgeous sight for anybody who desires their PoH to look amazing.)

Fishing Hotspots(All require 55 Structure and the respective Fishing Level required to fish the fish) 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Lobster.

Woodcutting Forrest Room: My reason for this is easy, I recall getting my first tree in my house, I thought I could chop it for Woodcutting XP, but was sadly disappointed... So this really is a room devoted to Woodcutting. There is 1 type of Hotpost inside this room, which is tree hotspots. Requirements for Woodcutting Forrest room: 55 Construction, 30 Woodcutting, 75K Money

Yew: 25 Yew Logs, 1 Yew Root. Magic: 25 Magic Logs, 1 Magic Root. Constructive (No Punn Intended) Critisism is Appreciated, Thus Gimme your thoughts mates, inform me if you enjoy my Regal Bridge cause I sure loved thinking a dock up to match the name.

We all know that the whip particular blows, so I was wondering why not change it? I think the current special(removing 10% of damage to ur operate ) is pointless, the particular is weak and nobody really needs to run and that only works on gamers (as far as I understand ) and rather than 10% run watever to be 10% attk (or 15%) bonus and also minus 3 def and 4 str lvls and take up all of the pub Buy RS Gold, but unlike many specials similar for this, it would be done while hitting the npc/player.

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