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When hiring doctors who hold a passport outside of the UK, Switzerland, or the European Economic Region


When hiring doctors who hold a passport outside of the UK, Switzerland, or the European Economic Region. People would have to give the doctor a sponsorship certificate to complete their visa application for relocation to the United Kingdom. To enable them to apply for a Tier 2 visa, it is very important to make sure they are given a COS in a timely way and correct details for their job.

Acertificate of sponsorshipis a Trust document authorized by the Home Office that permits a visa application by a doctor. Once approved it ensures that the trust will hire a non-EEA nominee and sponsor a visa for a doctor while working in the United Kingdom. It is at the top of page one the electronic reference number that must be entered by the doctor while completing the application online. Two types of CoS are available: restricted and unrestricted. A hospital would first require a license to issue a doctor to provide one of these.

The application process consists of choosing what type of licensors they want to apply for, choosing either a visa Tier 2 or a visa Tier 5, or obtaining approval to issue both. Tier 2 visas are long-term or permanent jobs for employees in the UK and Tier 5 visas for those who are temporarily working for two or fewer years. All the applicants are searching for a visa of level 2 to be relocated to the UK and to operate on a long or permanent basis. The Tier 2 CoS is officially licensed at the same price as the CoSlicense for both Tier 2 and Tier 5 and can therefore be requested for both.

About the application, people are asked to assess how many certificates the hospital expects to grant during one year. It would also be necessary to demonstrate that the hospital needs a range of certificates. The decision that is responsible for the sponsorship procedures in the hospital is yet another phase in the application procedure. One person may be responsible for the whole process or several employees may assume various positions.

If people are running the process for more than one person, they need more senior personnel to supervise those who use the sponsorship management system. The sponsorship management system is the system that people use after their license has been awarded to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship. It also needs a staff member to serve as the principal point of contact between the hospital and Visas Immigration.

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