How Players Start Their Upgrade Journey in New World Game

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If you want to know how to start an upgrade journey with your friends in advance, the following information will help you

How Players Start Their Upgrade Journey in New World Game

Amazons upcoming New World game is a beautiful survival MMO. If you want to know how to start an upgrade journey with your friends in advance, the following information will help you.

Amazon Game Studios New World of survival MMO has arrived at its official "preview" event, and many MMO fans flock to the game to see all the buzz. Fortunately for Amazon, this buzz is more positive than the previous beta version of Crucible. New World Gold players will have a beautiful world with stunning scenery and fascinating battles. It places great emphasis on production and skill training-this system is reminiscent of the system in Runescape. Since the early Alpha version, the game has undergone many changes, from the initial full-trophy PVP experience to a more traditional MMO structure, to the way players progress in the world. This change has left a bad taste in the mouths of some players, because a part of the core audience of New World is attracted by the cruel open PVP styles such as Rust or DayZ.

Although a level 50 player can no longer wander freely and turn a level 5 rookie into dust, many players in New World still hope to deal with the ruthless world of Aeternum with a digital advantage. Meeting with friends and solving goals is a huge attraction of any MMO, and New World is no exception in this regard. However, the difference lies in the difficulty of the game for players to do so. New players who complete the tutorial for the first time will quickly find that the friends they just persuaded them to spend $40 with them to play this cool new game with them are scattered in half of the game world. Fortunately, there is a trick to starting a character's upgrade journey in any of the four starting areas of the game-not just the area the game decides for you.

Skills for leveling with friends in New World

Unfortunately, currently players cannot influence which of the four respawn positions their character will awaken after the tutorial. This means that unless the player re-rolls their character until they find themselves in the same area as their team member, some walking will be involved. The trick to avoid being locked in a task chain in the wrong area is to talk to the starting task provider only once. Players who are newly born on the beach will be guided to the NPC in the nearby watchtower to perform the task. After submitting this task, the player will get another task and will be locked in the area after accepting it until they complete each task in the main storyline. However, if the player turns in the initial mission and then exits the NPCs dialog box, they can open the map and see that each of the four marked watchtowers has a mission available. From this point on, players can go to any starting area of ​​their choice and start the storyline there.

Despite some major delays, "New World" is still one of the most popular MMO games on the market, and hopes to promote this type of development in many meaningful ways. Some big names on Twitch are full of praise for this game. Even in its limited state, New World still has the opportunity to occupy a considerable share of the current MMO field. With their improved PVP system revolving around large-scale faction wars and establishing their own character development style, New World has brought many opportunities for MMO players to find new things. However, the game is still eliminating wrinkles, and players cannot easily group and upgrade with friends is a considerable wrinkle. However, from now until the game is scheduled to be released in early 2021, the developers seem to be committed to producing a fully enriched product, which will benefit the current mainstream products of the MMO type. Now z2u site have some New World Account for Sale, enjoy in the game!

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