Whythey Feel They'Ve Been Singled Out

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Whythey Feel They'Ve Been Singled Out

I am here because I forgot to press"popular" when I started reddit. Always curious what rs has new but it is same old crap. Honestly just nostalgia which is aswell. YES that is overrated! I have been saying that for so long today. And every RuneScape gold time I bring up a thread indicating a switch, mods take THAT down also. So frustrating. I rarely visit r/runescape anymore because it is. I spend the majority of my time at runescape 2007 now. I know some posts get squeezed manually, but I have no idea how badly. The mods stayed up all night (I'm presuming ) ensuring that we never obtained a post regarding the big hacked twitter accounts which were jokingly compared to this doublin' cash scam. Meanwhile, runescape 2007 had three or two in their front page daily. A few of the posts made zero attempt to block the url that was bitcoin/paypal in those tweets to be fair to the mods killing those threads however.

So far as memes vs achievement posts goes; neither offer much discussion, but at least meme articles have significantly more variance to them besides whether the OP utilizes the entire clickbait lineup (may not mean much to you, but following XX years and nobody to share it with, I FINALLY) or if they had the irl innovation level to take a screenshot. This sub is now"HELLO! HI THERE! PLEASE NOTICE ME. I don't have any one to talk about my achievements with. . . Look at my incredible rng, hope you are all jealous. . . I just finished this quest. . . Please give me any attention. Dude your mom or you made a cake.

Memes often start conversations better than posts speaking about the subject seriously. Hell is really a meme. I tried talking about this issue tons of times before, but placing it into a meme format was 10x more successful and obtained hundreds of comments. The craziest aspect of it's is that plenty of articles are even more low attempt than memes, yet get to remain. . . Since they aren't memes. Tired with buy rs 3 gold some title of some thing? No problem. Memes that took time to create and spark pleasure? They and 1 report're gone. Why?

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