There are four crators

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There are four crators

Fort Fort: It is the place where all preparations are made. If the revs cause this EPIC FLAIL, then everyone are allowed toOSRS Items enter. It's got 500hp. Tower: You are able to enter and fire at the speed of 5 can go into.

The tower has 100HP. The tower's weakest version, which can be climbed by three people, has 50 horsepower. Keep a tower a stronger version of the tower, but with more hp and 10 people can go in It has 200hp.

Garrison just the place you enter and rest and prepare, the revs will strike and destroy it, 2 can go in with 25HP. Trench 1 person goes in and blocks all attacks, apart from ork, it has only 10 HP. Ork targets people in buildings. Builders are able to construct buildings on the map, apart from the fort.

After two minutes, you get ejected off the fort or tower. While builders can only build one tower per tower, they are also able to repair all buildings. Important information.

There are four crators. Three are f2p, and one is p2p. 1st Crator: Safe for levels 3-60. 2nd crator - safe forBuy RuneScape Gold members at levels 50-80. Third crator: Safe levels 70+. 4th crator is dangerous level 70+.

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