GGG talks about the changes in Expedition

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GGG talked about a lot of changes before it released the expedition.

GGG talks about the changes in Expedition

GGG talked about a lot of changes before it released the expedition. Now Path Of Exile: Expedition has been released on PC and console.. Players can also find some changes in the game. In the new challenge league, as revealed by GGG, the game has brought many new content. And because the developers have balanced the game, players have to change their previous gameplay. Some players have also bought POE Currency in order to get excellent results in the challenge league. Before it released the expedition, GGG had already revealed a lot about the new expansion.

The changes introduced by GGG in Expedition solve the POE Currency the studio has encountered in Path Of Exile over the years. It adds 19 new skills and support gems. The balance change will resolve the spread of power that supports the gem. It will also rebalance the battle from the first act of the expedition. GGG will weaken the support for gems so that players will not choose gems that cause damage instead of practical gems that may bring new and interesting character constructions. And players cannot trigger spells through gems without paying mana costs for them. Movement skills have been changed so they will not bypass monster attacks.

Flasks will also change to enable a style of play where you can take advantage of these items. Here, players will tap with their fingers or use strange devices to tap multiple keys for their flasks at the same time. Wilson even showed a flask-only construction that can turn the character into a crazy bomber as long as they dont use weapons.

Wilson said that this schedule is always tricky, because these changes will cause controversy among players. They realize the opinions of the players affect them to some extent. For example, if they say that they are making some changes, there will be many players opposed. Players dont like this change, and they dont want to POE Currency Buy that they recharge in the game to get the most use. They dont want to disappoint the players, and they dont want to change the way players currently like. But Path Of Exile 2 is coming, and they must do this now so that they can have enough time to make it better. Allow players to get a better gaming experience in the new game. It may not release Path Of Exile 2 until 2022, and players can now use the expedition to consume the time before it released the sequel.