The proximity requirements made it impossible to layups

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The proximity requirements made it impossible to layups

I would prefer to see a team of 2K Sports developers takes time to2K22 MT correct these errors. The errors will be fixed I'm sure, in order to improve the quality and enjoyment of playing.

Shot Contests - NBA 2K20 introduced a new shot contest that relied on different rules than previous years. The previous contest shot system was one that was sided by the attacker; it proved hard for defenses to get stops. The new system for contests is based on the defender's proximity to the attacking player.

The new method made perimeter defense more effective. It became more difficult to take down shots from the perimeter. The game played slightly more evenly distributed between defense and offense. Layups were eliminated thanks to the new shot contest system.

The proximity requirements made it impossible to layups, which are one of the most effective ways to play basketball. This issue is simple to solve. 2K Sports could modify the final badges toBuy NBA 2K22 MT boost the likelihood of getting layups.

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