These men are so full of crap

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These men are so full of crap

These men are so full ofMut 21 coins crap, the Twitch stream yesterday about all of the"new" things in Madden NFL 21 was nothing but them yanking on the back as soon as they dropped us such as hot rocks back in April. It really is a shame b/c Madden could be something fantastic, but EA does not give two turds about their customer base. They create this announcement that they heard the neighborhood about the issues but it should not have come to that b/c the franchise community has been mad about the stuff for years.

Look, I seriously hope they improve the game for the community, however I refuse to give another cent to EA. In reality, my family like my brother, my son and three nephews have decided to boycott EA and out of what nephews and my son explained they have friends who are doing the same. Hopefully, more people follow suit b/c the way EA will alter if we hit on them we're it hurts their ways is, the profit margin.You can follow the progression of your players when PUs came out it thought it was cool and anybody could have. Remember when high value card would come out and most people would have to take the fact or wait till game. Now a days; nothing is unique. I wish it'd go back to chems on players. You needed to make compromise and concessions to deserve the chem boost. You had to tweak your own team 8 times to finish.

The problem is that EA will never come near creating players play like they do in actual life. And whats worse is that gameplay won't be given the time it needs by EA. That is why speed is so important. It's one of those few features that different cards. One thing to point out isn't all theme teams are created equal. Teams such as the Steelers and 49ers TT are basically god squads. But a team like the Cardinals and Dolphins are currently gon na have a hard time competing. I do agree with that using a TT type of turns MUT but I'd rather I have the choice to build a TT or a god squad instead ofbuy mut coins madden 21 one or another.