Reclaiming Your Feminine Power in Three Easy Steps

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There are more options than ever before for every one of us to maximize our potential and realize our ambitions.

 Reclaiming Your Feminine Power in Three Easy Steps

Many of us, I believe, can sense that significant changes are afoot and that the energy and consciousness on the globe are altering at an unprecedented rate. We're all being invited to repair and change the parts of ourselves that haven't been healed yet. It might be thrilling one day and terrifying the next. It's been a roller coaster ride thus far, and it's not going to stop anytime soon to click on this link.

I believe the trip will only become quicker and more intense.

I've noticed a greater understanding and awareness of the powerful feminine archetype and what it means and looks like to live from that place. As our consciousness shifts to a higher frequency, the divine feminine energy is getting more potent globally, and we are being invited like never before to step into this more completely.

I'm observing my clients, both women and men, that being detached from their feminine energy/power and being masculine-dominant, as so many of us have done in the past, is becoming increasingly difficult.

I mean the part of ourselves that is open, responsive, intuitive, creative, compassionate, caring, non-linear, and linked to our feelings and emotions when I say feminine energy. Male energy is more goal-oriented, logical, linear, focused, protective, organized, and concerned with doing and accomplishing.

We all have masculine and feminine energy, males and women alike. It's just that our culture has long emphasized the masculine over the feminine, resulting in an imbalance that is now being addressed.

So, how do we go about doing this? How can we begin to recognize and disclose this powerful feminine energy that longs to be seen to heal us personally and collectively?

Please keep in mind that this isn't only for ladies. To expose their hearts and mend the gap in their psyche and soul, our beloved guys must also connect more profoundly to the energy of the divine feminine inside themselves.

Here are three simple steps to get us started.

Get Rid of Your Codependency

I don't think I've ever met a client who didn't have their unique brand of codependency in all my years of dealing with them. In a word, codependency is a boundary issue in which one person provides their authority to another to make them happy, feel full, fill their emptiness, and take care of them in ways that they need to take care of themselves. It is, in the end, a technique for us to delegate our authority to someone else and assume responsibility for someone else's business to feel better.

As a starting point, I highly suggest Melody Beattie's book, Codependent No More. I recently gave this book to a client who has been in a 12-year codependent relationship. Last week, she came into my office and told me, "This may be the most important book I've ever read."

Amen. She figured it out.

You can't recover your feminine power by wasting your energy in codependent relationships. Both you and the other person will feel disempowered as a result of this. People can be codependent with their spouses or partners and their children, parents, siblings, and coworkers. It's a significant energy drain that has to be addressed.

  1. Make a connection with your desires and dreams

You will have more energy to connect with yourself once you have pulled yourself away from codependent energy drains. This can be not very comforting at times. What are your credentials? What is the true meaning of your life? What are your deepest ambitions and dreams? What excites you?

Your goals will take you to your real northyour reason for being here. You are missing an essential part of You if you are detached from your deepest emotional desires.

It's time to re-establish contact! You must be receptive to your inner direction, intuition, feeling nature, dreams, and desires to live in your feminine power actively.

Find a method to find what gets you excited again. You probably know them as a kid. Allow yourself to explore, play, go on an adventure, dream, and turn up the music so you may dance, sing, run, and laugh. Your body, heart, and soul are all aware of what makes you happy. Listen. This is the seat of your feminine strength. Allow it to talk to you and pay attention to its words.

Find a way to get rid of your negative beliefs and thoughts.

You may encounter some opposition as you raise your energy and reconnect with your aspirations. The old ego-mind has a hard time letting go of the feminine. It might feel out of control and frightening. Negative ideas and hidden beliefs will surface and will need to be addressed. Don't be surprised or deterred by this. There's nothing wrong with you. It may be a healthy sign of a cleanse of sorts.

When bad ideas or tales come to mind, ask yourself, "Is it truly true?" When your mind tells you that your aspirations are insignificant, pointless, or frivolous, fight them. Enter your body. What is the sensation of the desire?

A sense of lightness and freedom is a sign that you're on the right track and that your thoughts aren't driving you wrong. Choose a concept that feels better than the scary, negative one and stick with it. Learn to put your confidence in your body, heart, and spirit.

Women and men alike, let us band together to restore our feminine power. This is the moment that the entire world has been waiting for. The divine feminine has here to assist us all in our healing.

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