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An article about the professor's speech.


In the video W. David Baird Distinguished Lecture Series | Dr. Lynn Pasquerella, Dr. Lynn Pasquerella discusses the preliminary planning work that she participated in and its implications for the legal education and for the engagement of talents from vulnerable communities. Dr. Pasquerella asserts that the aim of the liberal education is to provide people who aspire to learn with an opportunity to study disregarding the background of applicants. On the one hand, the ignorance of certain graduates might negatively affect the economy and the global position of the nation. On the other hand, one of the challenges the modern educational system faces is related to the doubts and concerns of average Americans regarding the role and value of education in the achievement of the classical American Dream. Finally, Dr. Pasquerella stresses that university brainwashing and the limitations of the right to free speech negatively influence the development of critical thinking skills among students.

In my opinion, Dr. Pasquerellas speech is powerful and insightful because it sets a clear call for action.If you want more information then buy article review In addition, the speech is coherent and well-structured. Moreover, the speech is based on research findings and experience, which validates the claims and statements of the speaker and creates a greater cumulative effect.

One of the key takeaways from the lecture is Dr. Pasquerellas example of her studying literature classes. She claims that every person has the right to attend courses that appeal to him or her rather than the ones promising employment. In the long-term perspective, even the most intangible assets may prove to be useful. Personally, I never ignored the importance of humanitarian education. However, being equipped with the impetus given by Dr. Pasquerella and her inspirational speech, I feel even more confident about pursuing this area of sciences.


Pepperdine University. (2017, November 14). W. David Baird distinguished lecture series | Dr. Lynn Pasquerella [Video file]. Retrieved from

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