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It is not enough to write a term paper, you need to arrange it correctly. 


And this is a real headache, especially when it comes to links and footnotes.But the road will be mastered by the one walking, so we can handle everything.So, we understand the concepts.

References and footnotes: concept and types

Through ignorance or inexperience, links and footnotes are often considered the same thing.This is a mistake that it is better not to voice to the teacher.References are a broader concept that encompasses footnotes.They mean bibliographic information about the sources that are used in the course work.

Links are:

  • Intratext.These are the links that we see in the text in parentheses.They are located immediately after the indication of the source, which must be clarified or supplemented.An example of such references is the reference to the Constitution of a country.In a term paper, a link to such a source is always given immediately in the text.
  • Intraline.These are links in square brackets, which are indicated immediately after the sentence and contain the number of the source according to the bibliographic list, as well as the number of pages from which the information is taken.
  • Overtext.These links are used if the same source is mentioned repeatedly, as well as if there are a large number of references in the course work.

What are footnotes?Footnotes are footnotes.They are placed at the bottom of the page under a solid line and may contain not only comprehensive information about the source, but also the author's opinion or clarification.There can be a lot of them if you are doing algebra work.And if you do not know how to correctly arrange them, you may be told that you made a mistake in the design.So let us take a look at your work on algebra essayassistant.org/algebra-help so we can see the problems with the design before the teacher and fix everything.

There is also a classification of links by source.This criterion allows you to highlight links to: reviews, scientific articles, dissertations, abstracts.And also on: textbooks, regulations, multivolume editions, encyclopedias, electronic sources, foreign sources.

A small note: We recommend using foreign sources.Especially when you are writing a math paper https://essayassistant.org/math-help/.This will help you find a lot more information and reduce the level of plagiarism in your work.

Link formatting rules in Microsoft Word

Everyone who has worked with a text document at least once, and even more so a student, perfectly understands the broad capabilities of the Word program.Useful options also apply to links.They do not have to be done manually.

The algorithm of actions is quite simple:

  1. On the "Links" page, you need to expand the top ribbon.
  2. Select the required paragraph, words, phrases or phrases in the text.
  3. Go to the subsection with the name "Insert footnotes" (recall, all this is done in the upper ribbon on the tab with links).
  4. Click on the selected subsection with the mouse, after which the program will automatically jump to the end of the page.
  5. Write in the resulting field the necessary information about the source.The data should be indicated in accordance with the requirements for the bibliographic list - the author's full name, title, volume of the source, place and year of issue.

Information change is carried out in accordance with the same algorithm.The auto program is very handy.Firstly, the likelihood of errors in numbering is excluded, and secondly, the correct design is automatically ensured.This approach saves time.

Remember!For each source indicated in the list of references to the course work, a link must be made in the main text.

These are the main, but not the only rules and features.If the need to fill out a list of references in the coursework enters you into a stupor, or if you need to prepare a coursework "from scratch", you can contact the authors of the "essay assistant" company using this URL.We are working for your successful result!


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