One advantage that for the NBA 2K League has

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One advantage that for the NBA 2K League has

The NBA 2K League is a highly-rated and profitable gameNba 2k22 Mt thanks to its loyal following. Donohue states that "we feel like...we're just scratching it." He points out the massive potential of 1.9 billion NBA 2K League players on social media.

Then there's the question of whether NBA 2K can operate as an avenue for new basketball fans as Washington Wizards owner and media mogul Ted Leonsis has theorized. In actual fact, Donohue has his own case study, but it's a little more close to home. My son was playing 2k and then suddenly he came to me. He began quoting the Warriors roster, Steph Curry and I thought, "How is it possible that he's up till 10 pm in the evening to take in these games? He's only seven years old!" All through 2K, he's studying the game and who's good according to their scores in 2K."

Donohue explains that this shows the "transformation" in the way that young people consume content and how it is evolving. The NBA is learning about these new viewers and what they are searching for. Donohue says that esports are distinct from traditional sports in that they have the power and voice of the players.

He says that this is manifesting in ways such as the Twitch chat feature in their Twitch broadcasts. "The Twitch chat is constantly being used and we're constantly monitoring it certainly to stay engaged with our viewers and also to be an amazing tool to gather feedback immediately, and we're making adjustments to our broadcasts... we're talking about "hey the viewers want this angle, and they want this behind the scene content." When we make these adjustments we're giving them credit for the change and they're awestruck by the change." This is what Donohue says is "almost becoming a demand of the younger consumer, the expectation is that you're listening."

The NBA 2K League does not require adhering to traditional rules and regulations.

One advantage that for the NBA 2K League has is that it can be played at any time by anyone. This is not just a benefit for the draft process to be changed but also allows international markets to be tapped. While the NBA has made a lot of efforts to build its brand internationally however, it's only been able play individual games in countries like Paris, London, and China. The long-rumored vision of international divisions is just that, a dream.

There is no limit to the participation in NBA 2K League. Donohue says "There's so many greenfields in the way of international expansion. And growing the game around the world." The Gen.G Tigers from Shanghai are an international team that is part of the NBA 2K League, was admitted to the league during this season. They also had tryouts in London, Hong Kong and Seoul. Donohue added, "We're trying to continue to get international stars that we've identified are available." "It's certainly part of our plans to establish to have a European division and also an Asia Pacific division," Donohue stated. Donohue added that "it's more of a question of when, not thebuy 2k22 mt question of if."