The cute and charming villain in "Pokemon"-the Rocket trio.

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They and Big Big Wolf and Tom Cat are probably the most unlucky villains in the world. Even though they pretend to be a big boss every time they ****ear, they are always handsome for only three seconds. At the end of each episode, they will say "What a disgusting feeling." Go,

The cute and charming villain in "Pokemon"-the Rocket trio.

Remember their iconic lines?Pokemon

Since you asked the question sincerely,

We will tell you compassionately!

In order to prevent the world from being destroyed,

To protect the peace of the world;

Carry out love and true evil,

Cute and charming villain~~

Musashi! Kojiro!

We are the Rockets traveling through the galaxy!

White hole, white tomorrow is waiting for us! !

That's it~meow~~~~Pokemon Pikachu

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