I would like to see more diversity of meaningful and thematically

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I would like to see more diversity of meaningful and thematically

If you're not keen on this particular game's strategy I'm suggesting to you that perhaps you never liked it but like the circumstances at that moment, such as the people whoWOW TBC Gold played alongside you or the things you did in the game. This is also a great game strategy for some people. I've discovered that the blizzard treadmill was something I love regardless of whether it's Diablo Classic, Diablo or even retail. Take it as it is and not what you think it's.

They certainly designed WoW as an MMO It's not just a 'one off event' where players just enjoy because of their friends . If it's a social gathering, I'm pretty sure that this kind of thinking was involved in the creation of the game. It was 2004, when the average person wasn't talking or surfing the internet to be social in the same way as they are today, or even 10 years ago.

Because the formula you're referring to is simple and loose It was designed to be hidden by a social interaction that was at the time unprecedented. This meant it almost always had an effect on the participants. The players were adding an additional layer of circumstances, I believe.

Truth. This is how sub games work. The game is designed to encourage long hours that will keep you on course. This is what I find fascinating about the ffxiv. They've designed it in such the manner that you spend very little time gating, and have explicitly stated that it's ok to unsub when there is a drought in content and it's not going to get very far behind. They consider the time spent by players more than blizzard. They also understand that quality content is the only option to increase the number of players. If I could play as a character in Azeroth however, with square enix as my boss, I'd probably be gaming maniac all over.

I would like to see more diversity of meaningful and thematically-focused quests. So far, the quests are the same as "go hunt for x chests y" or "go and kill x monster such as y" or "go to the location x and interact with the y". Some quests require you to go to an ancient ruin to find rivets... or to a waterfall and set up an easel. They lack any flavor or meaning for the world. (Admittedly certain ones do, for instance, the Pastor Walsh quest line, but it's not a common occurrence.)

I'd also like to observe more variation in the kinds of enemies that I come across. The archers all behave identically from the dryad archer to the archers who have lostbuy WOW TBC Classic Gold their identity. All lost archers are duplicated, renamed, and so on. To make the world seem complete there needs to be greater distinction between them.