Ironman mode players will be given an exclusive chat badge

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Ironman mode players will be given an exclusive chat badge

This community-craze allows players to create their own RuneScape characters, and play independently. You are limited to the equipment and resources you have and aren't able toRS gold receive help from any other player. It's a lot of fun and tests your knowledge and skill.

While this is a lot of fun is, there are a few disadvantages currently There's no easy way to show that you're playing an ironman There's no way to prove you've honoured the rules of the game (or tell if others aren't).

We could be of assistance! To help this amazing game that is a result of the community, we're looking at the possibility of incorporating an ironman-themed mode into the game. We're treating this as an experimental project but we're not able to say the date or time it will be released, but we could release a basic version before deciding if it will be developed further.

(The Old School RuneScape group are also looking at an ironman style, which is a good idea as ironman's popularity has grown out of the OSRS Community. Keep an eye out for the OSRS development blogs and forums for those who are an Old School player and want to be part of the discussion when it starts soon.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and engage in a discussion on the ruleset for Ironman at this stage. Here's a brief overview of the game's rules and mechanics that we're considering to date: Ironman mode starts with the creation of a new character. It's impossible to turn off the game once you've entered the ironman mode.

Ironman mode players will be given an exclusive chat badge. It could be a skull or a mod crown. We'll need to find a way to allow ironman players to complete Heroes Quest and Shield of Arrav solo. We'd like to have an hiscore filter that only shows ironman players as a stretch goal. One last twist: Hardcore Ironman offers an extended mode to the bravest among us! It is essential to design a brand new character.

You only have one life Once you're dead, it's game ended! Only your hiscore remains. The chat badge that you would use for Hardcore Ironman mode (perhaps Red Skull) will be different. This is what we have so far. If you have any suggestions or ideas for making the experience more enjoyable, please contact us!

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