Custom advertising paper cups  

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Customization of disposable paper cups is accompanied by the development trend

Custom advertising paper cups   

Customization of disposable paper cups is accompanied by the development trend of social development. The application of disposable paper cups has become more and more common. Advertising paper cups have long become a daily tool that cannot be lacked in daily life. For paper cups, it can be divided into "cold drink cups" and "hot drink cups". In fact, because of the different main uses and production and processing methods, the two types of paper cups have different quality requirements for the raw materials of the paper cups. popcorn cups bulk factories Customized raw materials for disposable paper cups must not only meet the requirements of packaging processing characteristics, but also have a certain degree of printability. The packaging and printing of paper cups must also meet the heat-sealing standards in the production and processing of paper cups.

Disposable paper cup customization believes that hot drink cups are generally used in the packaging field of hot drink goods, and the raw material for production and processing is a PE coating. Because of the need for hot drinks, this type of paper cup must have a certain degree of heat resistance after production and processing, pla forks suppliers so generally this product must have a certain thickness and strength of paper to improve the fire resistance of the paper cup for publishing, packaging and printing. Because of the necessity of the sales market, paper cup packaging and printing is the publicity method chosen by many manufacturers. Therefore, many exquisite packaging and printing pattern designs also cover the paper cups with gorgeous coats, creating an excellent visual feast for customers. The packaging and printing of single-plated PE paper is carried out on paper, so the hazards of paper to packaging and printing are similar to those of ordinary paper except that the printing inks used must comply with food hygiene and safety regulations.
Cold drink cups can be divided into two types according to different production and processing methods. One is that the paper cups are packaged and printed with original paper and the paper has excellent impermeability grade, and the other is that the paper has an impermeability grade after double-sided composite PE paper. Single-layer paper cups are a kind of disposable paper cups, paper tea cups with handles also known as single-layer sizing paper cups. They are single-layer water cups coated with a smooth PE coating inside the custom-made paper cups. They are generally used to hold domestic water for human consumption.

Customized storage method for disposable paper cups: The opening of the packaging bag of the corrugated paper cup should be sealed and packed in a box, so it does not need to be scattered outside to prevent it from turning yellow and returning to moisture. The advertisement advertises that the paper cups should be stored in dry areas after packaging. The better quality paper cups can be stored for 1-2 years, otherwise it is generally only half a year.

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