FUT and MUT are the worst

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FUT and MUT are the worst

It's apparent that a 12 month dev cycle is not sufficient to fix all the problems with current gen Madden. So instead they simply paint it over and hope for the best. mut coins madden 21 seems to be the one thing that they invest time on every year. MUT fucking sucks. It is essentially a loot treadmill using better and new cards being published every week. It is not fun"grinding" to get a much better group. And it is not fun getting lined up having an opponent who has dropped tens of thousands of dollars on a team. This game needs bad and competition. 2004 was the last good year for Football games which was the last year 2K made an NFL licensed Football game. Which is not a surprise because Madden is consistently a top-10 seller year after year. At most we are likely to acquire a 2K branded non-simulation Football game, but I do not think that it's going to scratch that Soccer itch. It stinks being a Football game fan right now.

FUT and MUT are the worst, most scummiest money grabbing crap pits to ever feature in modern video games. I would rather go and chuck my money into slot machines, atleast I have an opportunity of winning something there. That has to be the worst cover in human history. Like seriously, who the fuck designed that? Did the CEO allow his 4 years-old try out Photoshop for half an hour? Well, looks more like its made in Paint. Steam doesn't count review bombs anymore. For a game to get a negative score, the reviews need to be consistently negative. I think the game improved in some places from last year, but what they fixed is stuff which ought to be the bare minimum for a soccer game. Receivers actually try to go for the ball when you're attempting to throw them . I can finish 70-80% of my moves in most madden, but most of my incompletions are so dumb. It is stuff like receivers breaking their route and running into each other whenever they never break off their routes to get open.

I've been reading through lots of the testimonials and there seems to be some recurring themes. Animation glitches freezing your hands of the participant; linebackers constantly bumbling into their teammates like idiots; cornerbacks suspended into the ground as the opposition runs past them; woeful story mode; endless de-sync problems; noise FX blaring out randomly; nothing new added to the existing modes. It sounds hard to justify charging £50 to this, even if the new The Yard manner does sound like fun. The annualised game franchises (Madden/Nba/Fifa) will be the absolute bottom tier in regards to buy Mut 21 coins gambling. Yes they are even shitter than cellular games. You'd be much better off spending your money on a packet of cigarettes. Woah woah woah, don't be moving and putting cigarettes in the same league as that garbage, at least you get a much quicker death out of your cash with them.

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