Increase your sales with inbound marketing

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Inbound marketing is much less invasive than traditional forms of traditional marketing. It allows you to build credibility with potential customers and establish a trusting relationship instead of bombarding your audience with a constant barrage of ads.

Increase your sales with inbound marketing

To stand out from the crowd, your marketing plan should include content that talks to your customers about their wants and needs, and offers solutions to your persona's problems once they start looking for answers.

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An intelligent inbound marketing strategy is based on these five pillars:

Content strategy

A good inbound marketing plan should include excellent content written to educate and connect with your readers.Your content strategy should define your target audience, anticipate their needs and what problems they need to address, and a list of topics that will provide clear benefits to your customers.

This is the time to create great blog posts, videos, e-books and other materials that are not sales-centric but offer value.

Organic traffic(SEO)

A discussion of inbound marketing is never complete without a focus on search engine optimization (SEO) websites.SEO involves focusing your content on the words, phrases and concepts your persona searches for on the internet.It also includes optimizing the structures of your posts so that they are easily found by search engines, bringing organic to your company.

Optimizing your content is the key togreat SEO.Blogs, website texts and even posts on social media affect your ranking.Search engines process a lot of content in their search to combine delivering qualified content.Poorly optimized text counts as a warning in your site's ranking.

Social media marketing

Of all the hours Brazilians spend on the internet, 35% of them are spent on social media.These channels allow companies to reach customers in new places and ways.

There's room for everyone when it comes to social media, and finding the right way to interact with users on every platform is key to success.

To incorporate social media into your inbound marketing plan, make sure you're communicative.Connect to networks and connect with your customers, instead of just presenting products and services.

E-mail marketing

Some marketers are still trying to claim that email is being left out.However, according to the Direct Marketing Association, 66% of online customers made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages.As such, this tool is still one of the preferred ways by consumers to receive information and has a high return on investment.

Marketing Automation

Once all the pieces of your strategy are in place, marketing automation will streamline your lead promotion process, simplifying repetitive tasks.

This is done without sacrificing the authenticity of your content, using highly organized tactics.Automation can help you deliver targeted messages to qualified leads at planned stops along your sales funnel, based on their activities and engagement with your brand.

With marketing automation, the risk of losing leads due to poorly planned broadcast decreases.It also gives you a better view of what your visitors are doing, for example how they are connecting with your content and responding to your emails.This allows you to identify areas of your strategy that need improvement.

Some successful companies already use inbound marketing to attract customers.I now bring 4 companies that have developed inbound marketing strategies that really work.


Today, Dell has become a major player in the computer sales market.And for a long time, Dell has used an inbound marketing strategy, encouraging customer feedback and participation in its product development.

In addition, marketing teams engage with their community through a series of engaging questions and phrases.They also share in-depth articles and videos to provide relevant content for their audience.

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Today, LinkedIn is the leading B2B social network in the world, with more than 303 million monthly active users.As the first place for B2B content marketing, LinkedIn needs to create interesting and informative content for its users on a daily basis.

Daily LinkedIn content includes info graphics, LinkedIn campaign guides, e-books, Slide Share presentations, webinars and tips for businesses of all types and sizes.

In 2016, LinkedIn launched the Sophisticated Marketing Guide for LinkedIn.In the first 30 days, the guide was downloaded 10,000 times, and LinkedIn managed to gain more than a third of those readers as customers.In addition, approximately 3,000 new applications were registered after the seminar.


Today, Salesforce is one of the largest CRM companies in the world.But even she had some problems keeping traffic and leads steady.

To address this adversity, the company implemented an inbound marketing strategy to increase its sources of search and paid traffic.

In a short period, Salesforce has launched a new set of content marketing tactics, including:

  • CreativeSales and MarketingVideos.
  • The world's first stop-motion Slide share.
  • A Prize presentation on a client's success story.


SAP is one of the world's largest software companies, serving more than 400,000 customers in more than 180 countries.Since the company has a very diverse customer base, they need to provide content that suits each customer's needs.

Despite this challenge, the company has used an inbound marketing strategy for its customer segments, maintaining a consistent appearance.

SAP created custom messages for each industry around a popular topic such as digital transformation.This allowed the brand to attract each customer's audience while demonstrating the benefits of its solutions with examples.

It is worth mentioning Brazilian companies that also benefit from inbound marketing:

  • Untimed Fortaleza
  • Live Real
  • Blue Account
  • Bahia School of Medicine
  • Pocket Guide

Installing Inbound Marketing in your company promotes a community around your brand, in addition to ensuring a positive experience for your buyers, two key points for long-term success.

Think about how your customers buy.Each is the main character in their own story, so be sure to treat the buyer as such and place them at the center of your marketing, sales and service process.