Mainly making this to add some 07-related content to Sals Realm

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Mainly making this to add some 07-related content to Sals Realm

Send me an email with a list ofOSRS GP article titles that you think would be interesting. We can then discuss it over IRC. I will be considering many people and not just contracting one. Heres an example: The Runescape 2007 Market the rules and regulations of it. The best places to trade are: Classify your transactions around Varrock Bank to locate the most suitable place to sell or buy something. Beware of scammers. Sale techniques, like linking gary's autotalker. Your unique touch and innovative details

Mainly making this to add some 07-related content to Sals Realm. Don't think this is a reasonable rate considering Rellekka's speed. This was done at agility 86. I experienced 2 failures and some obstacles. 55k/h can be achieved in the 80s to mid-to upper range.

I could see someone getting something like 55.5-56k/h in the upper 80s. Fletching is not as fast, but you could easily get higher, based on your skill at flying bolts. I could see someone getting 100k/h here and I definitely plan on trying that before I hit 90.

Profit breakdown: 13.2k Broad Bolts. I earn about 5 gp per bolt, so (5*13200 = 66,000). 16 Marks of Grace. 10 Marks of Grace = 100 Amylase. So 1 Mark of Grace is 10 Amylase = 8500 (850 Ea * 10). This is 136,000 less than the Marks of Grace. You can earn millions by getting the agility of 99 or 90. This will be an investment over the long term in getting 99s. We hope you enjoyed that.

Personally, I don't like the idea ofbuy old school rs gold five families. It's for one, it's too much like Prifddinas, and we shouldn't be recycling Runescape 3 content (that's boring). It's also risky to pick one particular family. You take out the contents from all four. I like the first Port Roberts idea. Port Roberts could be the main tie between Asgarnia/Kandarin/Misthalin and the new continent, and resemble those areas more than the rest of the continent.