Light Gauge Steel has Good Comprehensive Economic Benefits

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Light Gauge Steel has Good Comprehensive Economic Benefits

Light Gauge Steel has Good Comprehensive Economic Benefits

Introduce the 6 advantages of Container House Manufacturers:

  1. Stable structure

Compared with wood-frame buildings, the fire-proof performance and termite-proof performance of steel-frame buildings are much better than that of wood-frame buildings. The reason for the appearance and development of light steel structure buildings in North America is because the wood structure itself has poor fire performance and termite resistance. Therefore, a light steel structure system has been developed on the basis of light wood structure.

  1. Convenience

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the transport volume of the steel structure with light weight is smaller than that of the brick-concrete structure. It is conducive to construction in areas with inconvenient transportation such as islands and mountains. Light steel construction can also complete part of the assembly tasks in the factory according to the needs of the project, forming a whole wall and floor slab, reducing the amount of on-site operations and accelerating the on-site installation speed. It is suitable for projects with poor local construction conditions and short construction cycles.

  1. Environmental protection

The building materials used in the light steel residential system products are all green and environmentally friendly materials that meet national standards. The light steel keel used can still be recycled after 70 years. The on-site construction process uses a large number of finished components to install, and the construction water demand is small. The entire construction Compared with the brick-concrete structure, the process greatly reduces the discharge of waste water, waste dust and solid waste, which is conducive to the protection of the local environment. During the construction of the light steel residential system, the material loss is reduced by 60%, on-site garbage is reduced by 80%, recyclable materials account for 80%, and building energy efficiency is increased by 50%.

  1. Practical

The thickness of the double-layer thermal insulation decorative outer wall of the light steel residential system is only 180mm, which is 60mm smaller than the brick-concrete structure wall (generally 240mm) that does not contain thermal insulation decoration.

According to the calculation of the project done, the housing availability rate of the light steel residential system is 5%-10% higher than that of the ordinary brick-concrete structure. At the same time, because the light steel structure system adopts the wall panel and floor slab instead of the traditional beam and column, the interior of the light steel building is almost beamless and columnless, and the space utilization is higher.

  1. Quick

The light steel residential system adopts factory-processed components and is assembled on site without maintenance, so the construction speed is 30%-50% higher than that of ordinary brick-concrete structures. The whole construction process is divided into eight steps: foundation construction, wall installation, roof installation, structural sealing board, external wall insulation, interior decoration, outdoor decoration and completion of delivery. The construction period of the rough house without foundation construction is 1-2 months, and the construction period of the fine decoration house is 2-3 months.

The installation time of a 100-square-meter light steel main structure is only 4-5 days, and the overall construction cycle is reduced by at least 1/2 of that of traditional buildings.

  1. Good comprehensive economic benefits
  2. The construction period is short, early production and early benefit;
  3. The effective use area increases;
  4. The investment use and distribution are reasonable, and the price is worth its value; the allocation of the above-ground and underground engineering costs is 90:10;
  5. Material and labor cost allocation 60:40;

Therefore, the comprehensive economic benefit of the light steel residential system is superior to the reinforced concrete structure.

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