My Hero Academia Reijiro Kirishima

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The debut character of the comic "My Hero Academia" and its derivative works created by Horigotsu Kohei
Student No. 08, a graduate of Yutian Fu Junior High School, is positioned in the class as a person who maintains unity. With Shangming Electric and others in Class A, the

My Hero Academia Reijiro Kirishima

Personality traits
The first hot-blooded man in Class A often talks about "man". He has the power to infect other people around him and is very active in the class.
Good and cheerful people can mingle with anyone. The number of people he has helped silently cannot be counted. Unlike a hardened personality, it is easy to soften up.
Clothing appearance
One of Class A pool noodles. There is a scar on the eyelid of the right eye, which was scratched by a hardened hand when he was awakened and rubbed his eyes when he was conscious of urine when he was 3 years old.
Has very distinctive shark teeth. When I was in junior high school, I had short black hair. After entering Xiongying, I changed my hair color and hairstyle. The current hairstyle is called "chicken head" by Baohao, because the hair is upright and it looks like it has two horns.
Ability setting
Personality is "hardened". Although he considers himself a humble personality, he can take care of both defense and attack. The weakness is that the hardness will decrease if you continue to use it for too long. He was ridiculed because of his similar personality to Tie Zhe Tetete of Class B.
Combat style: close combat
Strength: B
Speed: C
Technique: C
Intelligence: C
Coordination: B
Red Counter: The commonly used moves of Kirishima, first use hardened skin to withstand close-range attacks, and then counterattack with a straight fist (similar to the defensive counterattack in fighting games).
Red Riot Unbreakable: The strongest move to cut the island, increase the hardness and durability of the entire body to the highest, can resist almost all attacks, and the appearance becomes like a monster. However, this form requires a lot of physical energy and can only be maintained for 30-40 seconds.
Red Gauntlet: After hardening, rush straight to the enemy, giving the enemy a super strong straight punch.

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