My Hero Academia Reijiro Kirishima experience

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Folding entrance exam & personality mastery test & indoor combat training & enemy alliance invasion of USJ

My Hero Academia Reijiro Kirishima experience

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Although there was not much dazzling performance in the entrance examination, he still achieved second place and was placed in A class.
In the personality mastery test in the first class after enrollment, Kirishima ranked eighth. In an indoor battle, partnered with Sero Noranta.
Class A went to USJ for rescue training, but was invaded by the enemy alliance. He and Bakugo Katsuki rushed out first, and were transported to the ruin site by the black mist together. After easily defeating all the enemies, he returned to the USJ central support. After that, along with Midori Valley Ikuhisa, Hong Jiao Dong, and Bakugo Katsuki, we watched the No. 1 hero Oermat defeat Nao Wu.
Folding Games
Before the sports meeting began, he stepped forward to persuade him at the time of Green Valley and the raging sword.
In Robot Inferno, the first level of the obstacle race, they were buried under the collapsed robot with Tetsu Tetsu Tetsu of Class B, and found that the two have similar personalities. Won the 9th place in the first round. In the second round of horseback riding, he teamed up with Bakugou Katsuki, Ashido Sanna, and Sero Fanta as the predecessor of the horse. In the end, the Bakhao team advanced to the third round with second place.
In the first round of the one-on-one elimination round against Tie Zhe, the two fought each other for a long time and were deadlocked. Since he fell to the ground at the same time in the end, he changed his wrist to a decisive victory, and Kirishima won by a narrow margin. In the second round, he faced Bakugo Katsuji. Although Kirishima desperately tried to harden and attack, he couldn't withstand Bakugo's continuous crit and was defeated. Unfortunately, he stopped in the quarterfinals.
Folding career experience final exams living in the forest
After the Xiongying Games, he was named by 68 votes. Before the workplace experience, I decided to name a hero named "Furious Lai Xiongdou" and pay tribute to the male hero "Crimson Riot" (Crimson Riot). I said, "Although it is a bit old-school, the heroic goal in his heart is Hong Lai Xiong Dou.
Kirishima and Tetsutsu entered the fourth-type contact hero firm for an internship, and they were surprised when they met. During the professional experience, the two were rigorously taught.
The score of the mid-term exam was ranked 15th in the class. Before the final exam, Bakugo helped Kirishima with tutoring.
In the actual combat test of the final exam, he played against the Cement Division with Riki Sando. The two decided to fight head-on and did not use their strengths, so they failed the exam. The head teacher Aizawa Kota announced that students who did not pass the exam can also participate in the forest dorm, but they will have to make up classes.
Kirishima was tutoring with other failing classmates during the courage test meeting in the forest, so he did not fight the enemy.
Folding the battle of the wild
After Bakugo was kidnapped, Kirishima was very excited, thinking that "a good friend was taken away. If he doesn't leave to save Bakugo, he won't even be a man." When I came to the hospital to visit Green Valley, I encountered a boom, and the two heard the conversation between 8 million and the teacher. The next day, Green Valley was invited to rescue Bakuhao together.
Together with Midoriya, Iida, Hung, and Eight Million, they formed the Bakuho Rescue Squad, and the five people infiltrated the enemy camp after disguising themselves. Kirishima and Midori Valley found a lot of brains in the factory.
Just when everyone was at a loss, Midori Valley came up with a plan and went deep into the enemy's hinterland by surprise, and Kirishima called Bakugo to make Bakugo hold Kirishima's hand. Although there was a small setback, everyone still rescued Bakuho. Since then, the relationship between Kirishima and Bakugou has deepened.
The five people who rescued Bakugo and the other students who knew the inside story but didn't step forward to stop them were reprimanded by the head teacher Aizawa, but when Kirishima was sad, Bakugo and Shang Ming planned a farce to relieve the tension. atmosphere of. At this time, Bakhao suddenly returned Kirishima 50,000 yuan, saying that it was to compensate Kirishima for the night vision device he lost in the process of rescuing him.
In order to improve safety, the school organizes students to live on campus. Class A organized a selection of the best dormitories. The room in Kirishima is quite passionate, but Ye Yintou commented that "If there is a ranking list that'I don't want my boyfriend to dress the room like this', this one can be ranked second. Bar."
Folding THE Exam Professional Hero Internship
After the nirvana training, the heroes students of Xiongying High School took the hero license exam. Bakho chose to act alone, and Kirishima and Kaminari subconsciously followed. The trio successfully defeated the harassing Shijie High School student Meat Cang Jinger and passed the first round of exams. The second round of the exam is the rescue exam. He still worked with Bakho and Shang Ming, and finally passed the exam.
Kirishima was active in the professional hero internship chapter. With the help of Fat Rubber and Tianghuan, the gangsters who disrupted the social order were successfully hunted down, and they participated in the investigation of the Deadly Bashai Association with Ikutani Ikutani, Liri Ochako, and Fukui Meiyu.
Folding Cultural Festival AB Class Competition
A member of the class A concert choreographer group, responsible for shredding the ice cubes made by the bombing to create a stage effect.
In the AB class competition, they played a group of five with Shangming Electric, Koshi Kuchida, Frog Blowing Meiyu, and Heart-to-heart.
Evaluation by others
"Born to be a necessary person who can maintain unity, a cheerful and good person, and the number of people who have been silently helped by him is not counted. He has a good relationship with Bakugo Katsuki, and Idku Midoriya is regarded as "the only battered man in the class. Recognized person. "Horikoshi Kohei
"Isn't he the one with rotten hair? Although I knocked him down completely during the sports meeting, I only know this about the red hair! Long-winded! It's enough if I have an answer!"-Baohaosheng already
"Kirishima? That guy has a cheerful and passionate personality, and he can be considered a prominent presence in the class, right? It doesn't seem to be troublesome, so it's not troublesome to bring it."-Aizawa Sota
To Bakugou Katsuki: "He shouldn't be a bad person to the end, but he definitely suffers from the way he speaks, right? That's why he made enemies one after another-but I don't find it annoying."
To Sando said forcefully: "Although I also think that liking sweets is a somewhat masculine hobby, but this is Sando's personality, he is very strong, really good! Next time I really want to compete with him with my hardness."
To Tie Zhe Tie Tie Tie: "I didn't expect to have someone who has the same personality as me, and he is by my side. Although I won by a narrow margin during the sports meeting, I won't know next time...!"
To Zhuang Tian's second combo: "The request for abstention because of being brainwashed really makes people feel the faith of a man!"
Popularity vote
Although one of the most popular characters can't beat the Big Three.
The first popular vote: 15 people (119 votes)
Second popular vote: 5 people (722 votes)
The third popular vote: 4 people (2006 votes)
The fourth popular vote: 5 (3573 votes)
Fifth popular vote: 4 people (3374 votes)

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