My hero academia eight million one hundred

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Eight Million Hundred is the debut character of the manga "My Hero Academia" created by Kohei Horietsu and its derivative animations.

My hero academia eight million one hundred

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Class A students for the first year, seat number 20, top students who have been recommended for admission. What I like is reading (especially like book books).
She has a smart mind (the IQ ceiling of Class A) and a very good personality. She is a well-known eldest girl, and a nearly perfect talented girl. The nickname of her classmates is "eight hundred hundred".
I very much admire the special enrollment, and I am also appreciative of it.
Personality traits
Pure teacher character, with leadership qualities. The behavior and language are quite Missy's style. In the early days, I was proud of my strong personality and the number of first-class knowledge.
The disadvantage is that he is too serious and sometimes a little rigid, and he often accepts all the words of others, which is easy to be deceived. For example, Minami Mineta was tricked into putting on cheerleading uniforms during sports festivals.
He is a very gentle and considerate person. I am happy and excited that I can help my classmates and those around me, and I was rated as "very cute" by my classmates.
Because of his wealthy family, he didn't know anything about civilians, but he was very curious about these things. I didn't realize that what I usually said was too advanced and made the classmates realize the gap between the rich and the poor.
Although very good, he is unexpectedly a hard worker. Whether it is personality cultivation or knowledge, he has spent a lot of time training and accumulating since his childhood before reaching the present level.
Appearance and clothing
He looks pretty, with ponytails, has a good figure that doesn't fit his age, and the height of many boys. Its proud chest is called "eight million-level big breasts" by Minami Mineta. Even in "My Hero Academia", a world where most of the women who appeared on the stage are proud of their tops, the eight million big breasts are obviously more plump.
The combat suit consists of a tights, a belt, and an eight million dictionary attached to the belt.
Eight million tights: In order to facilitate the creation of the creation, the degree of exposure is high. The meaning of 8 million people actually hopes to show more, because it may violate the law and be rejected by the manufacturer. But after all, the author is also a lascivious (in the original manga), so the degree of exposure near the belly button has become higher.
Eight million belt: In order to carry the eight million dictionary, it is deliberately made very thick.
Eight million dictionary: It contains various structures and materials that may be helpful to hero activities. The cover and belt of the book are equipped with magnets, so the book will not open or fall during the action.
Ability setting
Personality is to create anything other than living things from one's own body. The creation of specific items requires eight million knowledge of the molecular structure of various substances, so she has a huge knowledge reserve.
It takes time to create objects, and the more complex and larger the objects take, the longer it takes to become "just like pooping". She is good at supporting in team battles, but is not suitable for 1-on-1 combat. Creating objects also consumes body fat, so eight million is very slim.
Ability assessment:
Combat form: all-rounder
Strength: D
Speed: C
Technique: B
Intelligence: S
Coordination: A
Ranked first in the personality mastery test after the beginning of the semester; in the squad leader election, he was very unwilling to lose to Midoriya Ikuhisa, and eventually became the deputy squad leader of Class A.
Won the 17th place in the obstacle race at the Xiongying Sports Festival. In the horseback riding competition, He Hong Jiao Dong, Iida Tianya, and Shang Ming Electric teamed up to rank first and advance to the next round. In the knockout rounds, they often lost in the dark.
Ranked No. 1 in the mid-term exam. Through the study meeting, Shang Ming, Ashido and other people successfully passed the written part of the final exam. After the USJ attack and the sports festival, his confidence in becoming a hero was shaken. In the actual test of the final exam, he fought against a group of Mr. Aizawa and passed the test.
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