My hero academia is always dark

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Changan Tayin is the debut character of the manga "My Hero Academia" and its derivative works created by Horigotsu Kohei. The first year Class A student of Xiongying High School's Hero Division has a head resembling a crow, and has a taciturn and informal personality.

My hero academia is always dark

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With a head resembling a crow, he is a middle two teenager who seems to see "Dark Shadow" as another self rather than his own "personality" (he once said "I have always been two people"), taciturn and unable to stand it Complimented by others, the overall combat effectiveness is very strong. For mid-range attack and defense in all aspects, "dark shadow" activities require a dark environment. The darker the activity, the stronger the ability, and at the same time, the more difficult to control. The weak point is the strong light. You can easily control your heart when you are firm and happy. Often the weakness of stepping in the dark is physical stamina. This weakness is compensated by the post-production nirvana: entanglement of shadows around the body to make up for the shortcomings of close combat, named "Abyss Dark Body" ".

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