Does this mean that I am saying Runescape isn't dying?

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Does this mean that I am saying Runescape isn't dying?

I'm thinking of camping with avies figures are 73 range/80 def/60 pray. Do i need to use the tanks? If so, what should I wear? Do I need to wear my current range armour RuneScape Gold? (full range of armadyls, snakskin boot, zamorak blessed dhide dhide vamps and ava's accumelatour.) ammy of range, rune cbow, broad bolts God book.

The Granite shield works well as it offers a highly defensive range... and should I simply wear monk robes and high prayer bonus and keep a constant prayer? I'm wearing exlibtur to the specs (or the way you spell it) Is there a better option? (don't use the word "enchanted" because I do not want to shell out 10 million to get it)

Kepp thatis fantastic for healing. It is possible that I have exbiltur, firestaff + nature runes, mithril grapple, saradmoin arrow(saradomin item), 1 free inv space for loot or two, two tabs of b2p, and about 8 range pots and the rest sharks. I'll have my terrobird filled with monksfishs. How can i alter this?

It's pretty good, but you'll soon run out of terrorbird time/inventory spaces before this it appears, perhaps only the monks in your inventory, it seems like they're sufficient at 80 defense, however the terrorbird couldn't hurt I'd say, have a play with it.

It's a good investment to kill particularly using falador shield 4. In other words, make use of the terrorbird, and ensure that it is fighting the mole every single time Buy Old School RS Gold. What will happen is the terrorbird is likely to follow the direction of the mole, even in the event that it dug, giving you an idea of exactly where it could be.

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