We believe that we can continue to expand our business over time

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We believe that we can continue to expand our business over time

For EA its mobile gaming business, mobile games account forbuy FUT 22 Coins more than 10 percent of the company's overall revenue.EA has spent billions of dollars to purchase Glu Mobile, UK-based Codemasters and Playdemic Ltd, to bulk its gaming collection for mobile by adding more gaming titles.Consumer gaming hardware, accessories and content on the United States alone jumped to a record $56.9 billion in 2020, according to figures from the research company NPD.

"They are making use of this money to ensure their future security by acquiring IP and skills, and to establish a presence in new areas," Joost Van Dreunen an instructor in how games are run at New York University, said.Acquiring studios that have strong mobile franchises will allow EA to gain the experience and to monetize the existing player base at the same while gaining a foothold in new categories.

EA affirms that the FIFA Ultimate Team Preview Packs have helped boost sales.EA Chairman Andrew Wilson has said that the new Preview Packs introduced in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team mode have been "well received by the general public" and have boosted sales.

As reported in PC Gamer, during an investor call on August 4, Wilson said that Preview Packs contributed to "an rise in the engagement" as well as "a more rapid conversion of people who have spent."

"It was coming down toward the end of the season, therefore some ofFIFA 22 Coins the data is to be viewed in that context, but the team is committed for a continued push to improve and around offers and the programs we create for our players. We believe that we can continue to expand our business over time," he added.

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