There are special bonuses for the launch of the game

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There are special bonuses for the launch of the game

There are special bonuses for the launch ofLineage 2M Diamonds the game, which include bonus points for players who download and install the game on the PURPLE platform and play it on a PC. PURPLE is a platform which lets mobile games be played smoothly on PC making cross-play possible for certain games. Players of MMORPGs have significant presence on PC and this is an intelligent move..

The decision to bring Lineage II's Lineage II franchise to mobile is not the first older MMORPG franchise to make the move, with other games such as Ragnarok Origins getting their own counterparts in the same vein, with better graphics and new features to enable modern gaming. The game is expected to launch this year as well. However, Lineage2M does stand out with supporting such large battles.

To mark the launch this year, there will be a series of events meant to help players and their clans to level up and get ready for battles that will be epic. The event for clans, A Blood-sworn Pledge , begins today and runs through the 14th of December. Clans will earn rankings and substantial rewards.

Another brand-new event, Road to level 40 also starts today. It is designed to get players to level up and begin to prepare their classes properly for the many clashes that are to come. There are other new events meant to accelerate your start and also to help you get started.

With stunningly beautiful graphics and a fast-paced, exciting gameplay, Lineage2M is high on the list of top mobile games to come out before the end season. Lineage2M is slated to launch inLineage 2 Mobile Diamonds the coming days. Lineage title is scheduled to be released for PC and smartphones on December 2nd which is why, with the release date so near and the first getting the predownload in just one week Here are a few reasons why you should be eager to try NCSOFT's upcoming MMORPG.

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