MB&F LM101 FROST YG 51.YL.FW Replica Watch

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MB&F LM101 FROST YG 51.YL.FW Replica Watch

MB&F LM101 FROST YG 51.YL.FW Replica Watch

replica Urwerk watchesUR-100V in a full titanium jacket

A low profile matte grey version of the UR-100V with a new custom designed bracelet.

URWERK's watches run counter to most traditional watchmaking concepts. These watches appear to have been forged in a galaxy far, far away, giving Earthlings a novel way to see and experience time. From sleek, futuristic cases to dynamic moving hour or satellite time displays, designer Martin Frei and master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner are convinced there must be another way to tell the time, and since 1997 they have started their first 21st Century Watchmaking Odyssey. The latest chapter in the UR-100V saga with unique astronomical indications is written today as Urwerk presents its full titanium jacket version of the UR-100 during Dubai Watch Week. Introduced just two years ago, the latest UR-100V comes in a subtle matte grey tone and comes with a new custom titanium bracelet.

time and space
Originally known as the UR-100 Spacetime, the watch relies on the brand's signature satellite display - with a twist. Frei and Baumgartner wanted to show more than hours and minutes, and decided to show the Earth's rotation and the Earth's orbit around the sun in a 20-minute time frame.replica McLaren watches

Combination of rotating satellites showing hours and minutes and jumping back to zero in a sharp retrograde fashion - satellites carry the current hour in a 120 degree arched orbit from 0 to 60 divisions to indicate the minutes until the next hour when the minute module jumps Back to zero was captured by hourly satellites. So far so good. However, in addition to hours and minutes, the UR-100V also displays two astronomical indications: distance traveled on Earth (10 o'clock position) and distance traveled on Earth (2 o'clock position). The indicators corresponding to these distances are located on a raised grey flange on the upper half of the dial. On the left you can see the 555.55 km inscription in white and the words ROTAT. (Rotating), on the right, also in white, is 32,745 km and the word REVOL. (revolution).

Basically, it uses the speed of the earth at the equator and the speed of the earth's orbit around the sun to show the distance traveled from these different angles in about 20 minutes. For example, at the equator, the circumference of the earth is 40,070 kilometers, and since there are 24 hours in a day, the speed is 1,670 kilometers per hour. The indicator at the 10 o'clock position shows that 555.55 km has been driven in approximately 20 minutes. Likewise, the indicator at the 2 o'clock position shows the distance the Earth travels around the sun, spanning approximately 35,742 kilometers every 20 minutes. Not a life-saving message, but an Urwerkian philosophical reflection on time and its relationship to astronomy.replica Felipe Massa watches

Full Titanium Jacket
The UR-100V comes in titanium and steel cases, followed by wild versions in bronze, gold, iron and textured bronze to replicate the scales of the T-Rex, the UR-100V in titanium The case and the new hinged bracelet return. Subtle shades of grey contrast with clean white inscriptions, a touch of red on the arrow-shaped minute hand and the 60-minute marker on the retrograde minute track are vibrant.

According to Martin Frei, whenever he sketches a watch, he always envisions his piece on a metal bracelet, which, in his opinion, is "an extension of the watch on the wrist...and fits perfectly with the design." Complement each other. The bracelet is so lightweight that, as Frei points out, "it makes a special sound when you play with its links". Elegantly tapering from the lugs to the folding clasp, the beautifully articulated bracelet consists of 32 sandblasted titanium links that complement the texture and color of the case. Again, touch is an important part of the experience. Titanium "feels cold on the wrist," Frei added, but "it warms up slowly on contact, adapting to you and gently hugging your skin." The case still has the same specs - 41mm wide x 49.replica Jacob Co. ASTRONOMIA SOLAR watches

While the look and feel of the watch is edgy, the detailing of the finish is incredible. The structure of the carousel and hour top is forged from anodized aluminium, then ground and sandblasted, while the satellite screws are rounded and the screw heads are chamfered. In the dark, the UR-100V lights up with blue Super-LumiNova glowing hours and minutes and a white glowing astronomical indicator.

Caliber 12.02
The back of the watch shows off the new 12.02 movement. The redesign of the carousel to bring the hours closer to the minutes as they run along the 60-minute scale is one of the upgrades to the original Caliber 12.01, making reading the time easier and more intuitive. The complete rotor you can see on the back is drilled and controlled by a profiled propeller called Windfnger, which is used to minimise shock and reduce wear. The turntable and triple base plate are crafted with ARCAP, a non-ferrous and non-magnetic alloy. The automatic movement has a frequency of 28,800vph and a power reserve of 48 hours.replica Tudor watches

Technical Specifications URWERK UR-100V Full Titanium Jacket
Case: 41mm wide x 49.7mm long x 14mm thick - titanium case and bracelet, sandblasted - sapphire crystal, domed dial - sapphire case back - 30m water resistance
Displays: Hours with rotating satellites - Retrograde minutes - Space-time indication, distance traveled by the earth's equator in 20 minutes, distance the earth travels around the sun in 20 minutes
Movement: Caliber UR 12.02 - Self-winding system regulated by Urwerk's proprietary Windfnger system with spiral and planetary gears - 39 jewels - 48 hours power reserve - 28,800 vibrations/hour
Bracelet: Titanium with 32 sandblasted links