Whose perimeter skillset coincides perfectly with Madden's inner presence

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Whose perimeter skillset coincides perfectly with Madden's inner presence

EA has unveiled a brand new promotion for its Madden 22 game that includes Bo Jackson, the legendary Bo Jackson. Bo Jackson, a former two-sport athlete Madden 22 coins, excelled on his time in the NFL in his team the Oakland Raiders and is now among video game royalty. In the last week, EA released its Madden 22 Bo Jackson video game content which included a brand new cover that features Bo. Additionally, players can obtain a new starter package, Superstar X-Factor ability, and additional content included in the game.

A brand new Madden 22 Bo Knows promotion has been launched across a range of game modes of EA's football sim title on Friday, November 19. These game modes will include Ultimate Team, Superstar KO as well as The Yard. Each will feature Bo-themed games for players to investigate and enjoy.

Check out the trailer which features Bo in his digital video game form , and later in his new Madden 22 model. Fans who grew up in the Bo Jackson era of sports learned to love Bo Jackson as the most sought-after two-sport athlete in the NFL and MLB.

According to EA's research, Bo Jackson is the first player to hit 32 home runs and gained 1,000 yards in scrimmage within this same time frame. Bo was also instrumental in bringing the Nike Air Trainer sneakers to new heights with his popular "Bo Knows" advertisements.

The launch of EA's campaign also brought a new online cover to Madden 22. Gamers should see the cover, shown in the Las Vegas Raiders' tweet below, after logging into the game using their console buy mut coins. The Ultimate Team mode features the Madden 22 Bo Knows promotional in many ways.