Hope my advice helps you nicely in the future,and I sure hope you hear what's indicated.

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Hope my advice helps you nicely in the future,and I sure hope you hear what's indicated.

Alright, so I'm fairly tired of experiments, so I wanna try something harder and better exp. I had been contemplating Monkey Guards at Ape atoll. I just wanna know whether the practice will work or not... My stock will clearly carry some food, super attack/strength potions, antipoison potion and a teleport back. I can't seem to find a list anywhere of the amount of hotspots for building. I'm trying toOSRS gold plan out my home beforehand to assemble the ideal building materials (all the ones I can anyway), although I know what KINDS of hotspots there are, I do not know how many of each are in every single room.

To be clear, I'm looking for how many SEPARATE items I can assemble without taking down anything. From what I have read, it seems curtains have eight ghostly shadows, but selecting one creates curtains on every one the shadows. I've also heard there are 3 seat places in the parlour, although most manuals only list"seat" as a hotspot, not"chair (x3)" that is exactly what I am attempting to discover. I'm trying to maximize my own experience with as few raw materials and coins as possible. Perhaps it would be easiest to tell me what spots have multiples and how many, instead of each individual place (if it's one and one only).

Every room would help, and it might make a good addition to the website (though that's not my purpose...I need that information for my own gaming experience). Respectfully, either you're wrong on the info about chairs I have is wrong. Assessing the guide's entry for parlor, it only lists six TYPES, not the number of spaces available for building. Matters like seats in the dining area and chairs in the parlor haven't got any additional information, though I have learned concerning the drapes working in the entire room, not only each place.It doesn't take long to sell for profit,because there are hundreds of people buying yews and mages on the forums alone,let alone worlds 1-12 at seers and varrok. 99Woodcutting is very well worth it,great cape,awesome emote,and you know you'll want to keep doing it.Also,at mages and yews in seers,there are usually many nice and chatty people around,so it isn't a tedious ability to train . Also,I have limewire,I suggest getting it seeing it's free,then using it to play your favorite tunes while you woodcut,makes it much more easy to use,because you get so into listening to the songs,you forget about the time,and it zooms by. Also,the cape goes great with pk armor and variety armor,so ya can not go wrong there. Hope my advice helps you nicely in the future,and I sure hope you hear what's indicated.

I have this burning off its pissing me off question about how come everytime you work tobuy RS gold acquire a high lvl account moving you randomly get banned for something u didn't do... its pissing me and about 4-5 of my friends off and this is about the third or fourth time I've be prohibited.

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