Perhaps one of the easiest RuneScape skills to learn since it requires just a pickaxe

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Perhaps one of the easiest RuneScape skills to learn since it requires just a pickaxe

A bank account that is full of all clothing necessities (I'd keep track of them as you proceed, but you could buy them all beforehand) and connects to all places (and as a guide until you've got you're able to remember everything) You should be able make between 500k and 1M per hour on an average. Note that most of this is derived from an extra luck-based scroll every hour or so RS Gold, where you'll discover a good site or an item that you want to purchase. trimming equipment.

The fastest method of obtaining clue scrolls is to rob the female HAM members. They're less difficult than men (so there's a higher probability of success) You'll also get scrolls faster. Use silence gloves and any other items I've forgotten: the key to this technique is that you get doing scrolls to an exact art form, to the point where you're doing 5, 6, or 7 scrolls in an hour. If you're not wearing gloves of silence do not fret.

Hey there, wondering what I should bind besides my current prom 2h and gorg platebody. I haven't had much experience of dg thus I'm just lvl 90 but I plan to explore it more as I enter EOC. So, what items should I include in my arsenal?

Everything the being the highest tier that you can wear, obviously. If you're looking for something else to go for a hybrid set instead which will sacrifice some defense in exchange for greater versatility. You could replace that leg part using BN or Hex If you can find one of these OSRS Items. Hex is still broken in eoc though. Surgebox is currently glitched when playing live and is likely to be removed in EOC because staves contain all the runes that are essential to.

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