The key to preventing lumbar spine disease is not more rest

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A good standing computer desk can effectively improve your work efficiency and ensure your health.

The key to preventing lumbar spine disease is not more rest

When it comes to preventing lumbar disc herniation, many people think of less physical work and more rest. Of course it's the right thing to do. But many people don't know: the most critical means to prevent lumbar disc herniation is actually to reduce prolonged sitting. Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation refers to the symptoms caused by the rupture of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc, the nucleus pulposus together with the remaining annulus fibrosus and the posterior longitudinal ligament covering it protrude into the spinal canal, compressing the adjacent spinal nerve root or spinal cord. It mostly occurs in prime-age manual workers. Nowadays, the incidence of lumbar intervertebral discs is getting larger and larger, and more and more office workers sit in the office. The reason is that long-term sitting can cause lumbar intervertebral disc herniation.

Many people think of sitting as a form of rest, but the exception is the lumbar spine, where the most stress is placed on the lumbar discs. The study found that when the human body is sitting, if the human body maintains the correct sitting posture, the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc is 6 times that of the supine position; if the sitting posture is poor, the pressure in the intervertebral disc will rise to 11 times that of the supine position.Sitting and working for a long time makes the back muscles stretched for a long time, which is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain, resulting in chronic low back pain and damage to the stability of the lumbar spine, further increasing the possibility of lumbar disc herniation.

In order to avoid the damage to the lumbar spine caused by prolonged sitting, you can take the method of sitting and standing alternately to achieve the purpose of efficient office work, which requires the participation of the standing desk in your life.

So how to do it?

1. The duration of desk work should not exceed one hour. Fixing in a certain position for a long time can easily lead to symptoms of fatigue in the lower back muscles, so you should pay attention to adjusting your body posture frequently during work intervals, and you should stand up and move your waist every once in a while.

FEZIBOs standing computer desks can help you solve it. Now that everyone uses computers to work, wouldn't a standing desk with keyboard tray make you more productive?As a sleek modern style, colorblock designs are rarely introduced and used on stand-up desks. But the designers at FEZiBO are committed to bringing you that choice. When rustic browns are combined with black, when nature is combined with white, your stylish workstation has a new look. The keyboard tray is ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on hands and shoulders when the keyboard and mouse are near knee height. When the keyboard is not in use, you can save valuable space on your workstation by simply placing the keyboard tray under the desktop. Experience the greater lifting capacity (up to 176 lbs) and stability that our dual motors and stage 2 (desktop) frame bring to your expectations.

2.The study found that among white-collar office workers suffering from lumbar disc herniation, many of them have inappropriate desks in the office. In fact, it is very important to choose the right desk. First of all, the height of the table must be in proportion to the body of the person. When a person is sitting, it is best to have a backrest with a certain backward angle. The height ratio of the table and the chair should preferably be in line with the physiological curve of the human body.

This shows how a height adjustable desk can relieve your pain.At work, changes in rhythm will always bring different benefits. The same is true of alternately working while sitting and standing, and perhaps more rewarding.For the choice of standing table, you can choose according to the use area, function and style.

If you need a large desk, but the office space is not always large, the L-shaped standing desk is the first choice.This standing desk is designed for customers who need to use a lot of electronic equipment. The L-shaped desktop is large enough to easily accommodate three monitors and two laptops. The three-motor system is more powerful, and the standing desk is more stable and more supportive. The L shape makes the desk more flexible to fit both home and office. It helps to create a better working environment.

f the function is required, you can choose an electric standing desk or a crank standing table according to the lifting method. The difference between the two is whether to use electricity. If you love manual labor, you may enjoy using this primitive tool. Thanks to the crank system, the table frame has been carefully designed for safe, reliable and fast height adjustment. Elevating your desk by manually turning the cranks effectively moves your wrists and keeps you refreshed during long hours of work. On the other hand, switching between different standing and sitting positions will increase your productivity and keep your mind more active. Plus, crank standing desks allow you to enjoy such a great product at a low price. Crank standing desks without motor drive are more environmentally friendly.

crank standing desk

In terms of style, there are more options, bamboo standing desk, glass standing desk, white standing desk, standing gaming desk, there is always a style you like.

Some tips

1. Usually strengthen the protection and exercise of the lower back muscles. For office workers, they are mainly engaged in mental work and have little time for physical activities. Therefore, they should strengthen their usual exercise, enhance their physical fitness, and participate in more physical exercises such as swimming and running. In addition, you can deliberately perform some exercises for the muscles of the lower back to strengthen the strength and stability of the waist and keep away from lumbar disc herniation.
2. Avoid sleeping on very soft mattresses and maintain high-quality sleep. When a person is sleeping, the waist is in a relaxed state, which can fully release the pressure in the lumbar intervertebral disc in high-quality sleep, so that the nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus are better nourished, delay the occurrence of degeneration, and prevent the lumbar intervertebral disc. Prominence. In addition, manual workers should also do their jobs according to their ability to avoid excessive stress on the waist, thereby reducing the chance of lumbar disc herniation due to uncoordinated movement of the waist.
3. Pay attention to keep warm to prevent the waist from being cold and damp. Especially in summer, there will be air conditioning in the office. Too low temperature and too humid environment will cause muscle spasm in the lower back and poor blood circulation, which is not conducive to the protection of the lumbar spine.

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