Popular Watch Case Materials - Luxury Watches Factory

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Popular Watch Case Materials - Luxury Watches Factory

Here we list all popular watch case materials. With this introduction, you can find its pros and cons to help you make the decision of which watch case material is right for you.

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Stainless Steel - This is one of the most popular choices for watch consumers, especially since stainless steel watches generally have a longer lifespan. Stainless steel is difficult to scratch as it is durable, lightweight and strong; It is most popular for its ability to resist corrosion, maintain its shine for a long service life, and keep the strength of steel intact, making it good for people with metal sensitivities. Since it is popular, 80% customer Wholesale Stainless Steel Watches and feedback is very positive.

Wood - Wood is a natural material available in different colors and grain types and is an environmentally friendly material, most of which is sustainably sourced. Unlike other case materials, the Wooden Watch Manufacturers make the watch is very light, so you can't even feel it when you wear it.

Bronze - Bronze is golden brown in color, but the shine will begin to fade almost immediately. The watch will develop a unique patina or tarnish. Users can speed up the patina process with chemicals or they can clean the watch to return it to its original appearance. Bronze is far from being a traditional material for watch cases, but it is currently very much in fashion.

Plastic - Plastic is the cheapest material for watches. It is cost-effective, tough, and generally waterproof. High resistance to extreme temperatures and sunlight. Sports watches usually have a plastic case. In terms of durability, it can be easily scratched. Not to mention that a large force applied on the casing can crack and break it. It also doesn't have the nice glossy finish that some of the other materials have. That is why it is better to think twice before buying a plastic watch.

As a Luxury Watches Factory since 1995, Watches5.com is working with over 10 new customers to create their own brands every month. Stainless steel case material is your first choice, which could be an implication for you if you are just starting out.