The bit in brackets is confusing

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The bit in brackets is confusing

Am I right in thinking that this should maybe read -"utilize the cupric ore powder andRS gold tin ore powder on the tin to produce a feeling within the curry. ? The bit in brackets is confusing and not necessary methinks.

Hee hee I think the guides authors assume most of us know what it takes to smith bronze. Once your mould is made in the tin - then you add the tin aluminum powder/elements utilize it on the burner [as you wrote is how I did it]. So you probably gotter done now - Gratz to you! The manuals are posted by many different ppl each has a fashion for us to accommodate to. However, the guides are really good as long as we can follow along in the appropriate order. So its good to read them before starting a pursuit to be sure you got what it requires. To complete it - or get as far as you want - like the temple Ikov could be started immediately just to get those"boots of Lightness" as those are a massive aid in running all over.

Before I talk, I know I will get flammed by people saying"ohhh that they are only placing it there so it's possible to observe the cost" or even"you dont make sence, you dont know what you are talking about". I have noticed something thats occurred. The brand new update theres a lobby. However, before you log in it says..."free play blah blah blah" then associates andRuneScape gold buy at the bottom it says the price of members. Why do they have there unless they require cash? Really think about it. Pretty much everyone who plays understands that members is $5 (5.95 to be exact.)