Putin 'too healthy' and Russian gas supply resumes

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Putin 'too healthy' and Russian gas supply resumes

Putin 'too healthy' and Russian gas supply resumes

Supplies of Russian gas resumed on Thursday through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia to Germany, after a 10-day break which the Kremlin said was for maintenance.

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The resumption will be a relief to European leaders, whose countries rely to varying extents on gas supplies from Russia.

But the pipeline is still only running at 40% capacity, and EU officials fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin is limiting gas supplies to force Europe into rethinking its tough stance on Russia.

Energy prices have risen sharply across the EU and in the UK, due partly to the war in Ukraine.

Germany, which has long relied on Russian gas and in 2020 imported more of it than any other country, is scrambling to secure new energy supplies.

Together with the rest of the EU it has committed to phasing out Russian fossil fuels completely, but that will require a huge change in Germany's energy mix.

As our Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill explains, it has led to a heated debate over what should replace Russian gas.

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