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We have a wide range of build kits including AR-15 build kits, AR pistol kits along with 5.56 and .308 rifle build kits as well. Click here to explore.

AR Build Kits - Always Armed
  1. What do people say about the AR-15 | Review

Ar-15 is a type of rifle that has shown us what an up-gradation can do if its carried out properly. It has become one of the most hated and loved weapon pieces of all time

Manufactured just a few decades ago. It has proved its metal in becoming a military favourite. Soldiers can carry it for miles and can inflict major damage with a single fire. The soldier can choose to fire at their requirement and convenience.

All these advancements are showing us a side of humanity that none of us were ready to witness. The advancements have reached the defence areas and unfortunately in the hands of people who have sinister plans as well.

Hence deploying the best services for our protection has become a necessity. Every person is looking out for themselves as well. We never know what can happen at what time. Life is dear to everyone. And if anyone loses it then the dreadfulness and sadness pass on to their loved ones.

But not everyone has been in the favour of the Ar Kits. As a rifle which is used in hunting, training, battleground, shooting competitions, etc. It is a great option.

Even as a leisure activity where people just shoot metal objects to improve their aim (under guided supervision) as we do in fairs is acceptable.

People appreciate the innovation but such a quality innovation should also be used judiciously and for the relevant purpose.

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