It's the Lost Ark Twitter account or Reddit are great choices to check

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It's the Lost Ark Twitter account or Reddit are great choices to check

Gear of the same Tier can be transferred in 1:1 ratio. This means that you are able to take any honing level to a new piece gear of the same tier, regardless of rarity Lost Ark Gold, and also progress your character in this way. This is beneficial as Abyssal Dungeons for each tier allow you to craft materials that can be used in both a Heroic set as well as an Legendary set.

When you reach Honing Level 15 or +15. you can also convert your gear into pieces from the next level. However, this can lower to the Honing Level from +1 to. This can save you some initial materials and allows you to get a little bit of a headstart into your next level of gearing. It's a great investment, as gives an impressive boost in performance and will save you some of your XP Shards and Leapstones.

How do you get a quick increase in level in the Lost ARK

Unlike most other MMOs, Monster XP is very low In Lost Ark. Even if you're required to defeat monsters for quests it's best to group them up and use AoE skills for quick progress. If it's not quest-related it is best to avoid killing monsters in any way.

The only thing I've personally done to help with the Welcome Tasks and Adventurer's Tome, is to eliminate all Elite Monsters. They provide a tiny amount of progress which can get valuable objects and resources such as Silver. These can be identified by an Orange outline, or an Icon above their head.

When it comes to the Welcome Challenges They are a good method to track your progress as they exist. You must complete these tasks as they come up. There is no need to complete all of them, however it is quick silver and other metals.

Don't be concerned about getting the entire collection as you go in the game, unless you truly desire to. You never lose access to many of these items best place to buy Lost Ark Gold, aside from a few Mokoko Seeds later into the game. Everything else can be done at any point.