The Role of A Chinese Watch Manufacturer

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The Role of A Chinese Watch Manufacturer

A Chinese Watch Manufacturer is not different from the norma watch manufacturers from other countries. Their major role isnt actually to manufacture the watch. However, they play a very important role, which is, arranging the watch and procuring the components in them.

The actual manufacturing or production is done by specialized subcontractors. These subcontractors handle everything, from the watchcase, crown, clock hand, clock face, and indexing. In addition, manufacturers in a watch factory differ based on their jobs. A company can own more than one manufacturer, and none of them actually manufactures the product.

Materials And Components

Watch Manufacturers

Firstly, here is something common about Chinese Watch Manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers are known to produce watches or any other goods based on the buyers requirements. That is, they adhere strictly to the information given to them. Information about a product might include the design, functions, and durability. Here is a list showing what these requirements look like.

Case material: zinc alloy or stainless steel
Case plating: IP rose gold
Movement: Miyota IL22
Water resistance: 3 ATM or 5 ATM
Glass: Mineral glass or sapphire glass
Strap: Italian leather
There should be a long list of requirements, but, you get the point. Chinese manufacturers are accustomed to you providing this kind of information for them to manufacture your product perfectly.

Customization Of Design

Most manufacturers do not offer free development services. However, most of these manufacturers see your customized watch design easily. The major component of the watch for customization is the case.

You might not know what an injection mold is, dont worry about that, the supplier can take care of that. Also, the case design has to be created based on the components of the watch. Furthermore, you should know that your special design on a watch should be limited.

Most things can be designed easily on the watch. For instance, the hand, the crown, and the indexing. Other parts like the OEM components need tooling. Also, the job can only be done by a professional.

Product Packaging

Watches Manufacturers usually take care of packaging their products, however, they dont do it themselves. There are different ways to package the watch. For instance, you can easily customize the package. This isnt easy, because the package has to be made to suit the design and dimension of the watch.

Lastly, it isnt advisable to leave your last line of packaging to the supplier. This would result in you having a large number of useless packages.